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Who is Fishing Tackle forum

Fishing Tackle Forum LLC. was created to help fishing product manufacturers expose their products to the public. This not only helps them in product distribution but allows our member fishermen a chance to test new fishing products and the ability to discuss their thoughts and experiences with another fellow fisherman in our online forum. Send us your pictures and tell us your fishing stories and we will add them to our blog.

Watch our fishing tournament videos of some of the top pro-anglers at the Bassmaster Classic. Learn new fishing techniques from the pros.

Check out our online store with our “Get Hooked” brand apparel.

Specialties include:

Grassroots Marketing, Sponsorships, Advertising, Tackle Manufacturers Promotions, Pro Anglers Updates, Boat Reviews, Midwest Fishing Reports, Lakes, Fishing Tips, Forums, Videos, Music, Store, Custom Baits, Tournament Information

If you are a tackle company, fishing guide, fishing/outdoor related publication, and want to get listed on our site.

Fishing Tackle Forum wants you to GET HOOKED!!!

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