Crappie / Bluegill / Perch - Fishing Tips

Small fish can be very exciting to catch all day long and they are very easy to catch. 

Bluegill range in size just like any other size fish and depending upon what time of season you are fishing for will depending upon what bait you will need to use however with bluegill fishing they normally eat the same thing when it comes to artificial baits. 

We prefer hand poured plastic worms used on a small jig; the easiest way to explain what we use is to show you so below are a few examples of the types of bluegill tackle setups. 

 Midwest Small Fish Types:

Tackle Suggestions

We like to use small plastic worms from Lip RipperZ our favorite is the glow in the dark 3 inch worms and the Mini RipperZ.  There are a ton of other artificial baits that will also work. 

We like to take the 3 inch plastic worms and cut them in half and feed them onto a small jig head hook or setup a drop shot rig as well attach a floating crappie bobber with a jig head hook so that the worm stays in the location we want it such as near tree stumps and need docks. 


These baits work great all year round even for ice fishing just drop them down into your fishing hole and watch what you can bring up out of the lake, they also work for trout, crappie and bass.

When fishing for bluegill you must remember to keep your equipment clean and well taken care of. 

We like to use a light weight fishing rod with light fishing line from anywhere of 2-6 lb. test. 

Some people think we are nuts to use 2 lb. fishing line however if you can learn how to land a fish with light line you get a better understanding of how to work your drag settings on your fishing reel and can adjust how you want to fight the fish. When fishing with lighter pound test fishing line keep in mind that you may lose more tackle than normal in the beginning however once you get use to your fishing equipment and have a much better fishing experience. How to fish with Plastic Worms for Bluegill: Depending if you are fishing from the shore or on boat fishing for bluegill you will rig your bait almost the same but with a few changes. 

When fishing from the shore or from a dock you will want to setup to cast with the wind and not against the wind for reasons you don’t want your bait coming back to you every time you cast as well since you are casting such a light weight bait you will not be able to get the plastic worm out very far. 

Another reason we like to use lighter fishing line is because it goes through the rod easier and faster giving us a longer cast and depending upon the length of your rod will also depend upon how far you can get the bait out as well. We like to use a 6-7 foot rod made for jigging with a very sensitive tip allowing us to jig the bait on the retrieve to the bait. 


Other things that can improve the action of the bait action is a product called Line Dancer it is a little clip on product you attach to your rod and during the retrieve you put your fishing line into the Line Dancer and it makes your line twitch making the bait dance in the water “Driving the Fishing Crazy”  

it is amazing on how well the line Dancer works for Crappie

here is a quick video on how easy it is 

We also like to add different fish attractants depending upon the day, 

we normally like to carry a few differently types of fish attractants… One type we love the most is Crave Nitro Grease we came across this bait when fishing trout tournaments in California a few years ago and let me tell you this stuff is powerful stuff just make sure to bring a rag to get the smelly stuff off your hands…. 

Other Great Fish Attractants: