So you are on the quest for fishing for largemouth bass, there are many types of ways to catch the little green footballs. Below we have a mixture of techniques that work for many regions.  My favorite largemouth tackle setup would have to be the pig and jig setup, only because I catch more fish with it; anywhere from 2 – 7lb largemouth bass. Of course depending on the weather and tempter of the lake will depend on the type of fishing setup you choose. The pig and jig normally has worked for me all year round as well a plastic worm.

Sometimes finding the right color combo can be a challenge when bass fishing. You need to figure out what the natural colors of the baits. Most of the time it’s a hit and miss game but other days it’s a constant fish on day…

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Other baits I enjoy casting for those nice calm coves would be a wonderful sinko however not all sinko’s are equal I like to use some of the softest baits I have found, although they are custom …. Some of the best baits are custom and hard to find, however we now sell them from Bear Paws Custom Poured Baits I like to fish them with a little O-ring in the center and then a #2 worm hook from Mustad super sharp and normally I get a good hookset on the fish. I found this little worm rig at BassPro that all I need to do is slide the sinco into the barrel and slide an O-ring onto the bait. This allows me to keep the bait on longer without losing it… I normally skin hook the bait so I get a little plastic along with the O-ring so I know the fish will not just flip it out into the water as he is pulling and tugging as I work toward getting the fish into the boat.

I also really enjoy how the bait reacts as it is now wacky rigged and really makes the sinko move from the center of the bait as you are pulling it back to the boat, the fish go crazy of it and “GET HOOKED” fun stuff. I learned another way to run with this technique a few days ago as one of the pro angers from the FLW spoke about using the same rig however to get different bite from the bottom he puts a nail weight in one end and makes the bait touch the bottom with the rest of the sinko standing up for that wonderful fishy to eat.

Lot’s more to come, check back often as we are going the site and will have Pro’s from all over sharing secrets about our Midwest Waters and great techniques on how to catch them.

Win Stevens

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